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LVL Lash Lifting in Surrey at The Retreat Hair & Beauty Salon and Spa in Farnham

LVL-LASHES at the retreat hair and beauty salon and spa in Farnham surrey

Our beauty experts at The Retreat Beauty Salon in Farnham can add length, volume and lift to your natural eyelashes using the revolutionary LVL lash lifting treatment.

LVL stands for Lift – Volume – Length and this is exactly what you will get with this amazing eye treatment.  Your lashes will look longer because they are lifted at the root, and the lash tint makes them look beautifully glossy and thick.

Why not book in for a consultation where we can discuss the look you wish to achieve?  You can call us on  01252 726689 or book your appointment securely online. 

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Longer Looking Lashes with LVL Treatment

LVL-LASHES at the retreat hair and beauty salon and spa in Farnham surreyIf you want longer-looking lashes then it’s time to try the new LVL Lash treatment at The Retreat Salon in Farnham.

LVL straighten your natural eyelashes at the root to create the effect of longer, lifted lashes for up to eight weeks. The beauty specialists at The Retreat Beauty Salon in Farnham can also recommend the best products to use at home to keep your lashes looking their best.

The results are immediate, plus the added lash tint creates a mascara-type effect eliminating the need to apply eye make-up every day. 

How Do LVL Lashes Work?

To get the appearance of thicker, longer lashes your beauty therapist at The Retreat Salon & Spa in Farnham will begin by tinting your natural lashes before applying a special lotion to straighten the lashes at the root so they tilt upwards.  Your new lashes will look beautifully natural and there is no need to use mascara (although you can if you wish!)

How Long Does It Take to Have the LVL Lash Treatment?

LVL-LASHES at the retreat hair and beauty salon and spa in Farnham surreyLVL eyelash treatments take around 45 minutes with our trained LVL lash technicians. The bonus of LVL Lashes is that they require absolutely no maintenance treatments.

Will LVL Lashes Harm My Natural Lashes?

No. We are trained to expertly carry out LVL lash treatments at the Retreat Beauty Salon, Farnham plus all specially formulated LVL products have been rigorously tested to prevent damage to your lashes.

Book Your LVL Lash Treatment in Farnham at The Retreat Beauty Salon

If you want to add lift and volume to your natural lashes then visit our beauty experts in Farnham at The Retreat Hair & Beauty Salon & Spa.

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