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At The Retreat hair & beauty salon in Farnham, Surrey, we care for the world we live in and truly believe that using pure, naturally derived ingredients and products can help lead to a healthier body and mind, a better quality of life and minimise our impact on the environment.

That’s why we are proud to have gained a reputation as one of the greenest eco friendly salons in Surrey. We love our partnership with leading sustainable brand, Organic Way, as their brand values mirror ours so incredibly well. They share our ethos and are a zero plastic brand committed to saving water, and helping the environment.

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A Green, Eco Hair & Beauty Salon, Farnham

At The Retreat, we are committed to recycling and are proud to be an eco-friendly, green hair & beauty salon in Farnham. 

Some of the ways we achieve this include:

  • We use Oway products, leaders in sustainability.
  • We use disposable products wherever we can.
  • We select fair trade products when possible.
  • We use ECOHEADS shower-heads which are made of recycled plastic.
  • We use Easydry Eco towels that are recyclable, and 100% biodegradable. 
  • We stock revolutionary eco hair and beauty products.
  • Our hair colour is up to 96% naturally derived.
  • We use only cruelty free products.

Top Eco Friendly Hair & Beauty Salons, Surrey

As an environmentally sensitive hair and beauty salon in Farnham, Surrey, we work hard to eliminate unnecessary waste materials and pollution and reduce our carbon footprint by using disposable products wherever we can.

We take care and attention in every choice we make selecting fair trade products when possible that still deliver excellent results and work to improve and protect the quality of your hair, scalp and skin.

For example, to help reduce our water intake we use ECOHEADS shower-heads which are made of recycled plastic and reduce water intake by an incredible 65%. Better yet, they are 100% recyclable and use a unique filtration-system that ionises the water and removes sediments, which helps to leave the hair feeling cleaner and healthier.  

To enable us to be a green and eco-friendly salon, we also use Easydry Eco towels that are recyclable, and 100% biodegradable within 12 weeks of use. They are made using eco-friendly processes without the use of chemicals. Easydry fibres are part of nature’s cycle – they come from nature and return to nature.  


Environmental Hair & Beauty Products

We stock revolutionary eco hair and beauty products for both salon use and at home, that are both gentle on your hair and the environment. We are proud to be among a select few hair and beauty salons in Surrey who stock Go Green Detanglers, a gentle hair brush that glides easily through tangles without breakage or pain.

The handle is made from an all-natural biodegradable plant starch that will naturally break down in landfill within five years.

Visit the Retreat Hair & Beauty Salon a Green Hair Salon in Farnham, Surrey

At The Retreat hair and beauty salon in Farnham, we have been creating fantastic hair and beauty experiences for nearly 20 years. We strive to be environmentally aware and to be the best at what we do whilst still staying at the forefront of the latest fashion trends. Our team of highly trained stylists and beauty therapists can deliver top quality hair, beauty & spa services in a professional, welcoming environment whilst using eco friendly products.  

The Retreat is Surrey’s premier location to fully experience the Oway brand in it’s entirety. To book your hair or beauty appointment, please call our friendly reception team on  01252 726689.