Stand Up For Clean Water With Aveda Earth Month

Stand Up For Clean Water With Aveda Earth Month

Limited-edition Aveda Earth Month Light The Way™ Candles at The Retreat Hair & Beauty Salon in Farnham

At The Retreat hair & beauty salon in The Borough, Farnham we are proud to support Aveda’s Earth Month. Earth month highlights the fact that there are over 700 million people around the world who lack access to clean water. 

There are a number of factors which threaten lives and make men, women and especially children vulnerable. Rising temperatures, drought, climate change, deforestation, mining and oil extraction, toxic pollution, and destructive dam to name but a few endanger local communities by contaminating water supplies.

aveda earth month 2018 the retreat hair salon farnham


When you buy a 2018 Aveda Light the Way Candle at the Retreat beauty salon in Farnham, we donate 100% of the suggested £16 purchase price to @globalgreengrants to support clean water projects and give vulnerable people around the world an essential resource to survive. 

To date Aveda has helped 1,137,428 people in 88 countries – a truly amazing figure! So, go on and treat yourself this April and support a worthy course.

Light The Way Candles are enriched with the delicious smelling scents of certified organic vanilla, cinnamon, and Madagascan ylang ylang which will penetrate your home and create a relaxed, peaceful environment.

How Can I Support Aveda Earth Month?

There are a few simple ways in which you can help and stand up for clean water including;

  • Treat yourself to an Aveda salon or Spa visit and we will donate a portion of the proceeds from your appointment to a local water partner.
  • Save water by going dry! By cutting your daily shower short by as little as three minutes can save up to an incredible six gallons of water. Why not choose Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo instead and shampoo your hair less often? Take a look at the full range of Aveda products we stock at The Retreat salon in Farnham by clicking here.
  • Buy a candle at the suggested price of £16.00 and give 100% of the proceeds to support clean water projects. They make great birthday or special occasion gifts!
  • Volunteer and get involved – There are non-profit partners’ who support water projects all around the country. You are sure to find a great cause close to home.

aveda earth month 2018 the retreat hair salon farnham

Buy Your Aveda Light The Way Candle at The Retreat Hair & Beauty Salon in Farnham

For more information on Aveda Earth month 2018 or to find out about the range of Aveda hair & beauty products we sell please call our Farnham Salon on 01252 726689.

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