Our Desert Island Product – Aveda Composition Oils

The Retreat Lifestyle Spa in Farnham Shares Our Ultimate ‘Desert Island’ Product…

Introducing our go-to ‘desert island product’ at The Retreat Lifestyle Spa in Farnham – Composition Oils by Aveda.

They offer total body care and do more than give you beautiful skin; they invite you to connect with your mind, body and spirit through aroma, breath and touch. They can be used in so many ways.

Add a few drops to your bath water, massage into tense muscles, use to soften your hands and feet, to nourish and condition your scalp, massage into your cuticles, seal in moisture after a bath or shower…

The many ways to experience these aromas makes the composition oils our desert island product. We wouldn’t mind being trapped on one with the current weather! 

Available to buy now at our hair and beauty salon in Farnham, Surrey. Call us on 01252 726689 for more information.