New To Hair Colour?

Are You New To Hair Colour? Find Out All About Colouring Your Hair For The First Time at The Retreat Hair & Beauty Salon in Farnham

It can be daunting considering colouring your hair for the first time so let the hair experts at The Retreat Hair & Beauty Salon in Farnham help! Below we tell you all about hair colour and what to expect at your first appointment.

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Which Hair Colour Will Suit Me?

Your first step is to book in for a complimentary consultation where we can discuss the look you desire and help you find the perfect hair colour for you. 

During your hair consultation we will discuss the reasons behind your decision to colour your hair. 

Perhaps you want to add more interest to your natural hair colour, maybe you want to hide a few grey hairs, or perhaps you just want a complete change! 

It is also essential you have a quick skin test at least 48 hours prior to your colour appointment to test for allergies to the colour products we use. 

What Is A Skin Patch Test?

We will not colour your hair without a record of a skin test.  But do not worry, there’s no need to book in for your skin test as it takes just a few moments. We will dab a small amount of colour behind your ear. If you have had no reaction within 48 hours, we can go ahead with your hair colour.   

The good news is that we use Aveda hair colour which is more natural than many other hair colouring products.  These are fade resistant colours which will enrich and nourish your hair leaving it with a silky healthy shine.  

Balayage, Highlights or Lowlights

One of the most natural-looking hair colour techniques is balayage where colour is painted onto certain sections of the hair where the light would naturally catch. This gives instant brightness and the colour usually flushes towards the ends of the hair so it is lighter at the ends and darker at the roots.

If you love your natural hair colour, but want to give it a bit of a colour boost, try highlights or lowlights. 

Highlights and lowlights can be scattered throughout your hair or through sections or half a head of hair, depending on the look you desire. 

We can use multiple colours and your highlights can be super fine or big and bold. 

Semi-Permanent or Permanent Hair Colour?

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour – You can achieve longer-lasting colour with a semi-permanent shade.  This is ideal if you want to subtly boost your natural hair colour or cover your first grey hairs.

Permanent Hair Colour – Permanent hair dye lifts the cuticles along the hair shaft and deposits colour deeper within each hair strand.  Your colour will be permanent and your roots will need re-touching every eight weeks.  

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